Nerds and Neckties

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Aug 23

WIWT 8/23/13

1. 44mm flannel
2. Levi’s 510 jeans
3. Hot Sox socks
4. Ralph Lauren shoes (thrifted)

This shirt goes to show that sometimes it’s hard to give up your style roots. I’ve had it since 11th grade, back when I was wearing skate shoes and beanies with all of my outfits. I think I even bought it at PacSun. Matched with my awesome Rosie the Riveter socks and leather/suede shoes, it mixes my newer San Francisco queer feminist style with my old SoCal beach town skater boi look.

A lot of menswear bloggers talk about mixing high/low elements in an outfit, and I guess this is kind of my version of that. Mixing playful/colorful pieces like the shirt and socks with more traditional/conservative ones like the hat (as always), slim dark denim, and leather bucks is as close to high/low as I usually get. I think it showcases two sides of my personality: the playfully youthful and the maturing intellectual.

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